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Our History
Chongqing Meiheng Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Meiheng Industrial Purification Equipment Factory were founded in 2003 and are located in Shaping District, Chongqing. The company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, design, manufacture and sale of various petroleum purification equipment, water treatment system equipment and chemical feeding machinery.
Our Factory
Manufacturing purification euqipments, water treatment system equipment and chemical feeding machinery over 17 years. Such as ZL high-effeciency vacuum oil purifier model, ZLA double stage high efficiency vacuum oil purifier model, JZL insulating oil regenerating appropriative vacuum oil purifier mode for transformer oil purifiers, TL steam turbine oil appropriative oil purifier model and LXTL vacuum centrifugal model for turbine oil purifiers, GDL precision filtration oiling model and GL portable oil filtration model engine oil purifiers, and DYJ lube oil purifiers have been exported to many countries and got good feedbacks from our clients, covering more than 100 kinds in series and meeting different needs of customers. We can offer different settle blueprints according to customers' special requirements to confirm production safety and cost decrease.
Our Product
TL Steam turbine oil appropriative oil purifier/LXTL vacuum centrifugal type purifier/DYJ multi-function lubricating oil purifier/ZL high-efficiency vacuum oil purifier/ZLA double-stage high-efficiency vacuum oil purifier/JZL insulating oil regenerating appropriative vacuum purifier/LY pressure type type plate oil purifier/GL portable oil filtration & adding machine/FLUC oil filtration feeding trolley/GDL precision filtration oiling machine/ZK vacuum air extractor set/LXDR centrifugal Disc-style separator/YJF coalescence & separation oil purifier/XYZ-G thin oil lubrication device/JFCY coalescence & separation unoil equipment
Product Application
Purifying lube oil, transformer oil, wasted oil
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
1. Insulating oil dielectric strength tester 2 sets Insulating oil dielectric strength
2. Fully automatic petroleum product flash point and ignition point tester 1 unit Flash point of insulating oil
3. Particle size tester 1 unit to test the particle size of insulating oil
4. Noise tester 1 set to test the working noise of the oil filter
5. Lumbar rotor flowmeter 2 sets Test the working flow of the oil filter
6. Temperature tester 1 set to test the working condition of the oil filter heater
7. Amperemeter 1 test the working current of the oil filter
8. Voltmeter 1 unit Test the working voltage of the oil filter
9. Air compressor 1 air tightness and working pressure of the oil filter
Production Market
All around the world
Our Service
We have 1-3 years warranty for our models, especially for PLC, motor and pump for 3 years. Most of regular customers bought our machine even if it is beyond 10 years based on our good afterservice. Online and offline technical support; Spare parts offering; Surely our performance of machine can work smoothly for 8-10 years without wrong personal operations.China UF Drinking Water Filter manufacturers

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